We let our chocolates speak for themselves and this is how our customers respond!

Hands down the best chocolates I have ever tasted. My favorites are the Bourbon Bars, Tartarugas and the peanut butter Easter Eggs. I’ll never order gourmet chocolates from anywhere other than Valenza Chocolatier.
— Scott, Chicago
Love & Valenza Chocolatier go hand in hand! You can taste the passion, enthusiasm, and devotion with every bite……absolute euphoria!
— Nicole, Costa Mesa
The attention and care to the detail and quality of their products surpass any other chocolatier I have tasted. The PB+C Bars and Tartarugas are the best!
— Wendy, Chicago
Who needs a man when you have these TARTARUGAS!!!
— Anonymous
Perfect chocolate that puts me in the mood!
— Patrick, Newport Beach
In a word – heavenly!
— Amy, Carlsbad
We are so in love with Valenza Chocolatier! They remind us of the our travels in Europe and the delicious chocolates! We gave the gift of Valenza Chocolatier to our children’s teachers this year and they are the rave of the school! They are asking for more!
— Carrie, Newport Beach
Decadent, smooth and seriously addicting. I love everything about this chocolate – from taste to packaging to decoration! Simply perfect!
— Sarah, Costa Mesa
The attention to quality and detail is so evident in these decadent chocolates. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Tell everyone you know!
— Kristen, Wisconsin
My husband who always says, “I don’t like chocolate”, admits this chocolate is different. The combination of the freshest ingredients are the reason.
— Mary, Chino
Valenza Chocolatier makes to die for chocolate … and I’m a chocolate snob! When I gifted her amazing turtles as Christmas present toppers, they were talked about more than the actual gifts.
— Rhianna, Washington
I can tell you that I was not a dark chocolate person, but every time I bit into one of these tartarugas the combination of how the ingredients worked in my mouth, leaves me craving more!
— Cynthia, Chicago
Valenza Chocolatier is everything rich and elegant besides being extremely accommodating, always going that extra mile!!!
— Susie, Laguna Hills
Loved the PB+C Bar. It is awesome; so creamy and smooth. It’s my Valentine’s favorite gift!
— Marilyn, Seal Beach