The chili pepper is ubiquitous in tropical and sub-tropical locales where it thrives in the humid, hot climate. Originally introduced to Italy from the Americas, the chili, or peperoncino, is abundant in Italian cuisine, especially the region of Calabria and the neighboring island of Sicily just 2 miles across the strait of Messina.  The fiery red pepper adds its heat to everything from pastas to vegetables, and yes, even sweets. 

The Peperoncino Bar from Valenza Chocolatier pays homage to the pungent capsicum by infusing crushed Calabrian red pepper to a solid bar of the highest quality 61% single bean origin dark chocolate.  The resulting heat will awaken the taste buds at the back end without being overpowering, leaving a pleasant tingle that lingers after a smooth chocolate finish.   

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  • Ingredients: Dark chocolate, hot crushed Calabrian Chili Peppers flakes; dark chocolate cocoa solids 61% minimum, Venezuelan single bean origin, fair trade.

  • Allergens: Soy (as an emulsifier in chocolate)

  • Shelf Life: 4 months; product contains no preservatives or additives.

  • Net Weight: 3 oz (85 grams)

  • Manufactured: Product is manufactured by Valenza Chocolatier, Inc. at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa; a CA approved commercial kitchen facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.