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These gourmet solid MINI EGGS are the adult bite size version of the traditional childhood foil wrapped eggs.  Enjoy four signature flavors.  Scatter them around your Easter centerpiece, add them to Easter baskets, or just simply stash them for your personal indulgence!


  • PURPLE EGGS:  Solid 73.5% Dark Chocolate Eggs
  • HOT PINK EGGS:  Solid Peperoncino Eggs; 61% dark chocolate infused with ground Sicilian pepper flakes.  Enjoy the 'heat' on the back end!
  • PINK EGGS:  Solid 41% Milk Chocolate Eggs
  • GOLD EGGS:  Solid Sesamo Eggs; white chocolate blend with 61% dark, roasted sesame seeds, and a hint of Sicilian sea salt (Sesamo Bar perfectly made in bit size egg.)


  • VARIETY: 8-Piece Bag - $12, 16-Piece Box - $21:  Mix of all four egg flavors.
  • VEGAN:  8-Piece Bag - $12, 16-Piece Box - $21:  Mix of 73.5% dark chocolate and peperoncino solid eggs.
  • MILK:  8-Piece Bag - $12, 16-Piece Box - $21: All 41% milk chocolate solid eggs.
  • DARK:  8-Piece Bag - $12, 16-Piece Box - $21: All 73.5% dark chocolate solid eggs.
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  • Chocolate:  All eggs are made with Venezuelan single bean origin, fair trade chocolate.
  • Allergens:  Purple & Hot Pink Eggs: soy (as an emulsifier in chocolate); Pink Eggs: milk and soy (as an emulsifier in chocolate); Gold Eggs: sesame seeds, milk and soy (as an emulsifier in chocolate).
  • Shelf Life:  3 months; product contains no added preservatives or additives. 
  • Net Weight: 2.8 oz (80 grams) for 5-Piece Bag; 5.6 oz (160 grams) for 16-Piece Box
  • Manufactured: Product is manufactured by Valenza Chocolatier, Inc. at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa; a CA approved commercial kitchen facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.