5 Pieces within Sleeve Box for $13.00

Italians love fresh fruits and a common Italian desert will more often than not feature a plate of fresh seasonal fruit with some cheeses and nuts. In southern Italy citrus is king, with oranges, lemons and limes common in many entrees, deserts and liqueurs. Today the most cultivated orange in Italy is the Sicilian blood orange, a variety with blood red fruit that has a unique sweet/tart flavor and is loaded with antioxidants.

This treat features a rich chocolate ganache made from cream that's been infused with the juice and zest of seasonal blood oranges. A touch of cognac based Sicilian orange liqueur is added to provide a final orange kick, before the ganache is wrapped in dense 61% Venezuelan dark chocolate.  

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  • Ingredients: Dark chocolate, organic cream, invert sugar, organic blood orange juice and peel, Gran Gala liqueur; dark chocolate cocoa 61% minimum. (Dark is a Venezuelan Single Bean Origin, Fair Trade Chocolate) Decorative: natural color coca butter.

  • Allergens: Milk and soy (as an emulsifier in chocolate); contains Alcohol.

  • Shelf Life: 2 Weeks; product contains no preservatives or additives.

  • Net Weight: 2.5 oz for 5-Piece Box.

  • Manufactured: Product is manufactured by Valenza Chocolatier, Inc. at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa; a CA approved commercial kitchen facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.