VALENZA CHOCOLATIER® is an authentic Italian Inspired Artisan Chocolates and Confections business based in Costa Mesa, CA.  Our award winning gourmet BONBONS, BARS and CONFECTIONS are handmade from the finest local and imported Italian ingredients paired with the purest single bean origin, fair trade chocolate and no added preservatives.  We aspire to create a brief escape from “life” with each savory taste of the TRUE AMORE infused into our decadent creations. 

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  • LOVE for chocolate and community is the foundation of each savory experience.

  • AUTHENTICITY is at the forefront of every decision.

  • QUALITY centered around fair trade chocolate, exquisite ingredients, craftsmanship and presentation.

  • ITALIAN HERITAGE will be honored in each product.

  • CUSTOMERS are treated like friends and family.


Valenza Chocolatier® sources premium fine chocolate from carefully selected Bean-to-Bar makers with sustainable practices, the strictest ethical standards for employees and farmers, and which pay the 'highest' crop value to the farmers (fair trade).  We prefer the distinct flavor characteristics of single-bean origin chocolates (chocolate made from one variety of cacao harvested in one region).  The specific chocolate flavor undertones (ex: earthy, floral, nutty) are then carefully paired with the finest Italian ingredients which ultimately come to life in our Bonbons, Bars, and Confections.

We are honored to work with Chocolates El Rey, a Venezuelan company that has pursued the fabrication of high quality chocolate since its establishment in 1929.  This family owned company utilizes only premium grade, locally grown raw materials in the formulation of all their award winning chocolate products. 

Want to learn more about how cacao is grown, processed and manufactured into the chocolate we love?  CLICK HERE to read Chocolate 101 by Pam Williams, founder of Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Art and co-author of Raising The Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate.