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il Cioccolato Club

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For the ultimate chocolate lover, the “il Cioccolato Club” is an exclusive Valenza Chocolatier® club that can be gifted on a two, three, or four month basis.  Each member will receive a package at the beginning of the month filled with a 4-week supply of assorted chocolates and confections, chosen by Amy Jo.  Consider it a Chocolate Survival Kit with a Tasting Guide illustrating the order of indulgence and tips on pairings.  Your self-control will be seriously tested.

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  • Participating Month:  Participating Month begins as the next calendar month after the month in which the order was placed.  Example: Order placed in December, the Participating Month would be January and the package would ship on the 1st Monday in January.
  • Shipping or Delivery Cost:  Applicable costs have been included within price.  During checkout process, pick the option "il Cioccolato Club - No Additional Shipping Cost".  
  • Shipping/Delivery Declaration:  il Cioccolato Club package will ship (be delivered or available for pick-up at The Hood MRKT) the first Monday of the Participating Month.  Member will be notified of this, however, Valenza Chocolatier does not take responsibility of damage product or expired product replacement due to Member delay in package due to out-of-town or any other situation.
  • Pick-Up at The Hood MRKT:   In lieu of shipping costs due to picking up at The Hood Market in Costa Mesa, Amy Jo will include the cost difference in MORE Valenza Chocolatier goodness.
  • Ingredients & Allergens:  To be detailed on applicable product packaging.
  • Shelf Life:  Since products contain no preservatives or additives, the monthly package will include a Tasting Guide in order of product shelf life.  See applicable product packaging for expiration dates. 
  • Manufactured: Products are manufactured by Valenza Chocolatier, Inc. at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa; a CA approved commercial kitchen facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.